Every Student

Is An Artist

All students are artist, painters, and it is our job as educators, adults, community members, and citizens to support them. It is our social responsibility to provide them with the colors that will help them paint the world they wish to live in"- Akeem Lloyd

About Akeem

Akeem Lloyd is a Youth Advocate, Educator, Believer in the Power of Young People, Mentor and Poet. He dedicates his life’s work to doing the best that he can to create opportunities for the youth, to help strengthen their confidence as well as to increase self-love.

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to scholastic struggles, the absence of his mother and his father, depression, lack of emotional-social support, and various other obstacles, Akeem shares his life as an “open book” from which radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people across the strata.

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What We Do

Each workshop/session is filled with influential and life changing information. For inquiries on bringing one of these workshops or others into your workspace, please email AkeemSpeaks2@gmail.com

Discovering Who You Are Again? (2-Day Workshop)

  • Identifying challenges you are struggling with
  • Individual reflection activity
  • Individual Forgiveness
  • Embracing Your Story

Athletic Transformation (playing Beyond the Whistle)

  • Strengthening Team Relationships to Overcome Adversity
  • Hard Work Beats Talent
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Humble
  • Practice “Perfect”

Removing the Mask

  • Culturally Responsible Pedagogy
  • Building Trusting Relationships

Breaking The Cycle

  • Transforming your mindset
  • Aligning YOUR Goals
  • Call to Action (Breaking Individual Cycles)


“Watch as Akeem creates an experience for participants, hear how Akeem inspires his participants”

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