I think your message is powerful

Dear Akeem,

I believe you had a huge impact on students in attendance.  I saw students drawn in, eyes and ears, digesting your message.  From the posters students completed, some of them wrote deep thoughts that they don’t even share with friends and colleagues (I want to break the cycle by not going to jail like my parents).  I had conversations with students afterwards, and the overall feedback was they really liked you and thought your speech was motivating.

You had the students hooked from the beginning.  Their complete attention was on you from beginning to attend.  I think you were able to connect to them by bringing in stories from your childhood, sports, and just the motivating speech that you shared.  Students were just drawn to you.

I’ve seen you speak before and knew how effective you would be for this age group of students.  I was thrilled when I saw it was you speaking to my students. I felt that my students needed to hear that they can be successful, they can break the cycle, they are loved, etc.  I felt pleased afterwards when one of my students wrote in his journals that he really liked you and liked what you had to say. I wish you could serve as a mentor to some of these students!

You have a natural way of connecting with students.  I think you message is powerful and important, especially to this age group of students.  I feel lucky to have heard you speak twice 🙂  Keep doing what you do and making a difference in students’ lives!!