I needed to hear your message

Hey Akeem!

I go to Monmouth Regional, I just wanted to tell you that your assembly yesterday was absolutely amazing and so relatable at this point in my life. I was lucky to stay for both halves of the assembly and I’m so glad I did. I’m one of those kids that bottles up their emotions and I’m trying work on expressing my emotions but it’s so relieving to know that a motivational speaker like you was just like me. I’ve personally been hurting and going through so much at home with my parents and it was a much needed assembly. 

While going through my own stuff at home, everyday I send my bestfriend daily reminders to let her know how beautiful and strong she is because she is very similar to me in the sense that she holds in things. She lacks confidence in herself as well. It’s likely that she won’t reach out but I just know that you really helped her as well. I texted her while you had everyone say they are strong and beautiful yesterday and I made sure she was saying it and listening to everything you said during the assembly cause we both needed it. I wanted you to know that you’re great at what you do. Keep doing you, because you helped me, my bestfriend, and a bunch of other people yesterday.

The world needs more good people like you to spread positivity. Thank you so much.