“Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, Smarter Than You Think, Twice As Beautiful”
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Akeem Lloyd has spoken to me so many times about my success and what I plan to do. Seeing him empower so much change within the youth, inspires me to do the same. He knows what I can accomplish and pushes me to do it. A mentor that anyone would love to have. I love having talks with him because he motivates me to go even harder, and then I do because I know that he believes in me. His words make me realize just how educated and intelligent I am. 

                                                                              -Shae, Student Testimony


Looking For Happiness Outside Of Yourself Will Never Fill Your Cup, Seeking Love Outside Of Yourself Will Never Keep You Full. Your Constitution Starts With The Building Of Self, Your Personal Investment Is Not To Be Overlooked

                                   -Akeem Lloyd