share your story

During Akeem’s 12 years of experience working inside of schools, working with young people, and drawing from his own personal experience, he came to understand the value of acknowledging our own personal stories. He knows that everyone has a story,and he believes that your story can be the message that inspires the next person to believe, to have faith, to keep going, to hold on, to keep fighting.

Your story is powerful, and Akeem wanted to create a platform that would allow for people around the world to get inspired by you. Please consider sharing you personal (STORY) with us. You overcame an experience or a time in your life, share with us what that was and how you conquered it. You have had challenges with anxiety or depression like me, share with us your victory. If you are still experiencing challenging times, share that with us as well. If you have made progress in any aspect of your life, share that with us. Your stories will be shared anonymously. Thank you for being brave WITH us. 

“Your victory is another’s motivation” 
-Akeem Lloyd 

*by providing your social media handle, it does not mean we will @ or tag your account without your permission. It is another outlet for us to contact you directly.