It’s been a week since my Camp College program at Albright College and I am still in awe of his words. It is refreshing to see a young, African American man who values empowerment, who values helping others despite his upbringing; who cares about his impact on the world and realizes that by sharing his story he can uplift so many. In choosing him as the keynote speaker for our closing ceremony I watched the impact that he had on the room full of young people he held before him. I saw the light come on in their eyes as he validated the work they had done over the course of three summer days on a college campus. I watched the adults in the room applaud his courage and realize their own purpose in his words. I truly believe in this young man and wish for nothing but success in any and everything he does. He inspired my students to be the best version of themselves through a speech so colorful that they related to it on a personal level. Thank you Akeem Lloyd for your time, words, and wisdom. Thank you for your willingness to give yourself so freely. You forever have a recommendation in me. Please continue to shine! 

                                                                                                                                                                                            -Dana Martin, High School Advisor